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HTML5 banners and base64 images

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Hi Guys,


For our clients we build HTML5 banner template with embedded base64 images inside. Normally we upload banners into google AdWords and the banners get accepted right away. This week we tried to upload banners and they got rejected because of an invalid image URL.


We prefer base64 images over regular images because they can be embedded in 1 file resulting into less calls to the server. In the banner world size matters and you might think base64 images are bigger in file size then regular images. This is true however text data can be compressed by technologies such as zip or gzip and if you do so the file sizes are basically the same. (html5 banners are uploaded as zip files)


Did google for some reason stop supporting base64 source images? Does anyone know if google changed the policy of HTML5 banners? And what the changes are?


If anyone can help us out or knows a way to get us some tech support or any kind of answer it would be greatly appreciated.


BR, Miguel Zamora Lopez

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September 2015

Re: HTML5 banners and base64 images

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All the technical specifications around HTML5 ads are described in this help center reference:-


Important part to look at is this one as per your requirement:-




Hope this helps!


Re: HTML5 banners and base64 images

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Hi Pankaj,

Thank you for the reply. I'm well aware of the specs in the help center reference. The only problem is that it is not stated that images cannot be base64 strings. Base64 images are local images as they are embedded in the HTML. Maybe I'm misunderstand what Google means with referenced images. I think that it means that the images can not refer to external urls. We use Google Web Designer techniques to create the HTML5 banners so I don't see how we are not meeting these requirements. We rezipped the banners with regular images and now all the banners are getting accepted again. Thanks again.

BR, Miguel