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Good day to all. I have a very serious problem that I cant seem to rectify without expensive legal counsel. So here I am asking the question to some more qualified, better equipped people then myself.  I was once employed by an guy who owned and registered his own painting company,  Gallagh etc.. (wont disclose full name). While working with him I started thinking about starting my own business operation. I come up with a great name. Halifax House Painters. I registered it with the government of Canada. He loved the name and thought it was a great idea and asked if I would sell the rights to him for a measly sum of $1000, Obviously I said no. He then went out and started promoting his business as Halifax House Painters behind my back. Our business relations deteriorated fairly quickly and I threatened him with legal action. He did for a limited time stop promoting his business online as my registered name. Until recently , he found we were extremely busy and has now launched the biggest campaign other then my own campaign using my registered name Halifax House Painters. Its his main header for his AdWords, its phrased into his websites, his domain names and business cards. I am at a loss. I cannot promote my business without attracting him more business. I had to stop an $8000 radio campaign due to the fact when potential clients "Google" my business name he is the first on the list advertising as myself. I need to know what I can do  to take this assh%#$@ out. I am losing money BIG MONEY!!!!!   Every client and customer, painting company and paint supply store owner I speak to about this guy thinks  he is being extremely deceitfully unfair and slimy as hell. But I need to know what the law thinks and fix this situation so I can carry on with MY LEGITIMATE business. Thank you very much.

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Hi William,
First of all, I'm not a lawyer, so nothing I say should be considered legal advice.
I think this goes beyond AdWords and the ability for this community to help you resolve this problem. I think you need to speak to a lawyer about this.

Unless you have "Halifax House Painters" trademarked, you wont be able to prevent it being used in ANY AdWords ads. The term is a perfectly legitimate search term for VARIOUS businesses offering painting services in Halifax. You can hardly expect Google to only show YOU for that search term can you? If it was that easy, everyone would simply register business names for generic local search terms.

Not trying to be smart and I understand that you're frustrated, but you really need to seek proper legal counsel for this as it's unlikely anyone here will be able to help.