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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Got "suspended"... Advice on options!

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Hi there,


my account got suspended. I tried to advertise and affiliate site, that I didn't own and was a bit fishy. The domain still exists, but there is no content. I do not want to persue this further. Ever!


I deleted the ad: Now I learned from Adwords Support: "Anyhow, the only way to get your account unsuspended is to adapt all websites in the account to our policies, regardless if the campaign is deleted or if you don't want to promote this site in the future anymore."


In my opinion, there is NO way to get the other site compliant with AdWords. I don't actually want to spend much time/effort in there, but wanted to start something new! The new ad is probably right, very solid. The account stays suspended!


What are my options?

  • Delete my AdWords account and start with a new account? -> What future problems might I encounter?
  • <anything else>...???

Many thanks,


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Re: Got "suspended"... Advice on options!

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Hello there;

The only way is to fix the site;

Once suspended -  you (as an advertiser) cannot advertiser with Google (anymore).

Closing the account / opening a new one, will not resolve the issue. Google will "catch" it, and close the account again


See a similar discussion from this morning;


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Re: Got "suspended"... Advice on options!

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Hi there,


thanks for the information. - I had a big hearty laugh about that... :-)


I don't mind them storing/archiving the old violoating domain or ad or whatever. But that people have to go so far as to reactivate old domains or that I would be held responsible for information on other domains (in case I might have sold a previously advertised domain), is beyond my understanding and just rediculous.


Besides common sense, I doubt these policies are valid in all areas of the world... but Google being a monopolist, they can do what they want. - In my case, I actually don't own the previously advertised domain and they don't care about caring to change something... hence I am screwed.


Thanks that clarified a lot.


Then I rather close the account and do business with other advertising companies.