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Google let people run illegal ads to make money?

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To whom-so-ever it may concern,


Please see I am bringing this up once again. It was already reported to google by me so many times before. But Google is still letting affiliate marketers to run their ads in Adwords. 


My question is - does Google do this deliberately to make more money?

Example -


Keyword - [Androzene]


Region - US

Screenshot -


This keyword is full of Adwords ads and all of them are either acting as affiliates or they are double or triple serving.


I have reported this to Google innumerable times, but no action taken yet. I have been seeing these ads running for over 6 months now. and is the same guy acting as an affiliate for (bridged page) and also double serving.


Entire AdWords system has become a joke a now and its full of junk. Full of spammers and violators. People trying to run their ads honestly have no room to survive.


They penalize the ones who follow the rules and they happily let others to run their ads who violate their rules.


I know tens of thousands of keywords where I see people running their ads as affiliates or they are double serving.


I don't want to prove anything to anybody here. I just felt like sharing this with everybody out here, so did it.




Re: Google let people run illegal ads to make money?

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Hi Peter,


Maybe you have done this already, but this process has worked for us in the past and maybe some additional info here will be helpful.


If you hold or your client holds a trademark, then use this form to file a complaint and by doing so you can assert control against violators who use the trademarked term within their ad text (they may continue to buy the the trademarked terms keyword(s), however) - trademark complaint form. And Google AdWords trademark policy info is here.


If the advertiser is violating terms of an affiliate program, then whoever manages the affiliate program must police this (warn them or terminate them as an affiliate).


Maybe you have already complained here about the double serving. Well, we've had to push things through before too and have found that sometimes you just have to keep complaining.


Bejan A.





Re: Google let people run illegal ads to make money?

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We did that. They come up again with a generic ad.