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Google employee?

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Does anyone in this forum get paid to have people click on your website using Adwords?   I am Interested in this entreprenurial arena and would like more information on it contact

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Re: Google employee?

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Hi Indie,


This is to let you know that getting people to click on Google ads without genuine interest is criminal activity and you're strongly recommended to refrain from taking interest in this "entreprenurial arena" as you call it.




Re: Google employee?

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Hi Indie8000 and welcome to the forum.  Can I first suggest that you remove your personal email address from your post.  This is a public forum and unless you want every spambot on the planet to pick up your email, it'd be a good idea to take it out.


So... you think Google are paying people to click on their Ads?  Why would they do this?  OK, the obvious answer is to increase profits for Google but, with my marketing hat on, the first thing I'd try to do to increase profit is to try and increase sales without increasing expenditure.  Sure, if Google paid people to click Ads they'd get more income, but they'd also have to pay the people clicking the Ads.  Why would they do that when there are people out there who will click these Ads for free?


Doesn't it make more sense for Google to encourage Adwords users to write great Ads that get them great sales, which encourage them to spend more money and tell their friends about how wonderful Adwords is?  If Google paid people to click Ads, what would really happen?


  1. Google would make more money.
  2. Google has to pay the people it employed to click the Ads, so the money made goes down.
  3. Google loses a lot of advertisers who found too many people clicking their Ads and not buying. The money goes down.
  4. Google gets bad press, the number of new sign-ups goes down.  The money goes down as well.
  5. Google has to control a huge number of people within their organisation that know this project exists, running the risk of exposure that could destroy the whole company.

So what would happen if Google just concentrated on incentives, like this forum, to help Advertisers make the best of their Campaigns?


  1. More people stay with Adwords rather than giving it up.  The money increases.
  2. We help people improve their Adwords campaigns to get more sales so they spend more money.  It goes up.
  3. The public increase their belief that Ads can lead to websites that provide what they're looking for so they click more often.  The money goes up.
  4. Advertisers are happy to tell their friends about how Adwords helped them and encourage them to sign up.
  5. Google doesn't have to lie to its staff and can concentrate on helping them help others.

The simple answer is that it is always safer and just plain easier for Google to do a good honest job than it is to try and cheat.  Google will make more money by being honest and helping their customers than they will by trying to cheat them.



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