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Google Suspension Frustration

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I am very frustrated over being suspended on Adwords. I managed to get a site up and running and my host company gave me 100$ in free ads on Adwords. So I logged into my account and found it was suspended. 


Google says it was suspended for ad violations and billing.


Yet,it says I have 100$ in credit, but also claims my billing can't be verified. Well if I am using a free voucher, why do they need my credit card? It's a free voucher!


I also can't find the solution to fix the ads they say violated my account. I can't find the so called violations and fix them. Which to me is ridiculous and frustrating. Show me what I did wrong and let me fix it, or just ignore me? That's where I stand at the moment. There is absolutely no information available as to what was violated!


I started a business and wanted to use Google. So far, I have found that google is harder to work with than anything else. I also am learning that bing is a bit more friendly and easier to work with. 


How can a company like Google be so inept at helping people with problems? It would seem maybe better to move on and forget about using Google to run ads. I am a unhappy and frustrated user, with an account suspension I can not find or figure out how to address.


I have followed the rules, did as I was told, and somehow by default I can't use my account. I am trying so hard to make things happen for my business, that to continue with Google would seem like the worst move I can make.


Does anyone know how to get your account back from a suspension? I wrote to them, and I am waiting for a reply as we speak, but would it not be easier for the user to have a much more simpler way to fix an issue first, and if I was to continue violating the "rules" then suspend me! But I didn't even see a "warning" and didn't know I was violating ads I ran over a year ago from another voucher I used on a blog.


Frustrating, difficult, hard to use, not easy to understand, and lack of support describes my experience with Google adwords!




I looked back at my account and all it says is it was suspended for Billing issues. While it still says I have 100$ in free credits. None of my ads were disapproved. So I am guessing I didn't violate the ad rules. Adwords.PNG






Re: Google Suspension Frustration

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Hey Jeffrey,

I would recommend calling them instead of e-mailing or chat. By calling they can be more understanding of the situation and be more thorough on why the account got suspended.
Go here and dial the number where it says call:

Hope you get everything resolved!