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Google Product listing Ads

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Just trying to have some product listing ads and it is kicking my keister... 

I have set up my ad for product listing ads, then I go to Auto Targets and set up targets. When I click the Validate button, it gives me a green check mark and says, 

This target matches at least one product in your Google Merchant Center feed.

If I go back to Ads it says "Eligible" under the status column. 

But when I check in at the end of the day, it says that there were 0 impressions for the day. 

How to I diagnose what is wrong?

Re: Google Product listing Ads

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Hello Seo H ! Welcome to the Community !


How high is your bid ? Have 24 hours passed since you enabled the PLA campaign ?

You do know that this is no longer a free feature ?


Can you edit your initial post to bring a print-screen of your campaign ?


How many products are you trying to promote and what is the daily budget ?


Have you used any parameters like ID or adwords_grouping or adwords_labels ?


Do you have negative keyword list that is applied to all the campaigns or negative keywords just for this campaign ?


What area are you targeting ?


To succesfuly run a PLA campaign you must use keywords in the Titles and Descriptions of products, and "the system" will match what is searched in the search engine mainly with the title of your products. The more widely searched words you have in the title , the more chances are to have impressions.

Re: Google Product listing Ads

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Also, check your Merchant Center for Disapproved Products.