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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Google Arbitrage Policy

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I wondering if I can use google adwords to send traffic to my website that contains google adsense !

if so what's the rules !!



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Google Arbitrage Policy

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Yes, you can use that landing page as final url in AdWords which has AdSense.


Make sure that you are not using AdSense for more that 2 spots for that page.

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Google Arbitrage Policy

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It is possible to send paid traffic to a publisher site with AdSense but Google strongly advised against it: 

" To deliver the traffic levels that their customers expect, these services often generate clicks and impressions using click bots, or by providing users incentives to visit sites or click on ads. For this reason, we strongly urge you to use caution when partnering with third-party traffic services."



Ultimately i would double check on the AdSense support forum since it's really AdSense that would flag you, not AdWords. But regardless it almost never makes sense to do Ad Arbitrage.!forum/adsense 


- Josh

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Google Arbitrage Policy

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Hi there,


AdWords is intended for advertising a product or service. Usually such websites do not run ads as it cheapens their credibility to potential purchasers.


While you can have ads on the site you promote it cannot be the primary purpose of your site. A Googler who checks your site might have the opinion that the purpose of your site is ad revenue, in which case the site would be suspended.


Basically, it is not worth the risk. Promote a site without ads. If it can't survive without ad revenue, it probably won't survive anyway.



Google Arbitrage Policy

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Hey Faical,


A lot of good answers so far. Make sure to check the "Abusing the ad network" section under "Prohibited Practices" of the AdWords Policy Center, which reads:


"We want ads across the Google Network to be useful, varied, relevant, and safe for users. We don’t allow ads, content, or destinations that are malicious or attempt to trick or circumvent our ad review processes. We take this issue very seriously, so play fair.


Examples of abuse of the ad network: promoting content that contains malware; "cloaking" or using other techniques to hide the true destination that users are directed to; "arbitrage" or promoting destinations for the sole or primary purpose of showing ads; promoting "bridge" or "gateway" destinations that are solely designed to send users elsewhere; advertising with the sole or primary intent of gaining public social network endorsements from the user; "gaming" or manipulating settings in an attempt to circumvent our policy review systems"


It's not prohibited per se to send AdWords traffic to a page with AdSense, but that page must exist for a primary reason other than serving ads.