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Google Ads in the incorrect location

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Hello, we are a Sydney Australia based business based in the suburb of Liverpool. We are finding that when people are searching for our business with location specific keywords, ads from Liverpool UK are showing up.


I don't think this is right and is a potential flaw of adwords as this costs those UK businesses money and costs us money as we now have to compete with those ads!!!


I believe google either needs to educate the Liverpool based businesses (Both in Sydney and UK) or should put restrictions or warnings on businesses that are based in Locations that have common names in other states or countries!

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December 2015

Re: Google Ads in the incorrect location

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Exclude the UK Liverpool from your campaign.

And in Settings > Location Options

Change: People in, searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location
To: People in my targeted location

Re: Google Ads in the incorrect location

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Hi George,

The appropriate suggestion has already been provided here.

I would like to add something to be double sure for any such location mismatch in the future.
You can arrest your ads showing to other nearby location to Sydney like Liverpool, just go to advance search in location setting and exclude those nearby cities either with bulk locations or radius targeting.

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Re: Google Ads in the incorrect location

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RobSkelton is right! If you do that, you will exclude those locations.

Select your campaign
Go to settings tab
Choose All Settings
Under locations click edit
Add or exclude locations you want to target.

This is video might explain a bit more clearly.

Also to change the "People in.." options ad Rob also said, you need to click the Location options (advanced), and then edit the Target option.