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Good morning, we are hoping Google gurus can help us.

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Toronto Academy of Acting was doing resarched, typed its name into google and found our competitor Toronto Film School is advertising and illegally using our name to attach to their name.  This is a copyright infrignment.  How do we address this situation to have them notified or remove our name from their name.  REason being is if someone is clicking on Toronto Academy of Acting it goes directly to their site!!!!! Not good.


Also we need help, we are trying to create a presence regarding our film & television production program and we cannot be found anywhere if someone types the word film school.  Suggestions, need a whiz person who you can recommend regarding search optimization.  Cheers Susan J. Burych

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Re: Good morning, we are hoping Google gurus can help us.

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Hi Susan and welcome to the forum.


When you saw the Ad for your competitor, did they use the words "Toronto Academy of Acting" in the actual wording of their Ad?  Is your name actually copyrighted or trademarked legally?


Even if it is trademarked, it may still be within the advertising Policies for the competitor to use your name as a Keyword (i.e. a word that triggers the Ad when searched) as long as they don't use the name in the Ad itself.


Trademark Policies


Adwords could certainly promote your business, but it's not something that can be done in a single message post.  Do you have someone in your organisation - you perhaps - who would handle SEO and Adwords?  Is there any area you're particularly interested in?



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Re: Good morning, we are hoping Google gurus can help us.

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Sometimes just contacting the competitor and letting them know what's happening may solve the problem. If for example they are using Dynamic Keyword Insertion headlines, a TM term appearing in the headline may be completely accidental and unintended. Perhaps give them a freindly heads up - nothing negative - and see what kind of response you get?