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Getting the Approved Limited status removed ?

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Hello guys,


Quick question: how do I get the status "Approved (limited)" removed from my Ads ?


I created ads about 28 hours ago, some got approved right away, but most have clearly been marked as "limited" by a review bot, not a real human...


e.g.: basically any ad containing the word "drug" or "alcohol" got denied, even if (to summarize) it basically more or less meant "don't do drug" / "don't drink alcohol" !!!

Problem: despite the fact that all my ads have been already "bot reviewed", if I call the support it says something like "some of your ads are still under review"... (and the IVR doesn't give me any other option).


=> 1 minute after calling them (well calling the IVR to be precise), I got a weird email saying something like "if you submitted Ads more than 1 day ago, we will examine them within 1 day".

=> Does it mean that by calling the support the system triggered a "human" review to make sure the bot review was correct ?

Can someone explain me how to get the limited status lifted and/or how the process work ?

Thanks a lot,




PS: please don't send me to the "how the review process work" Help Page that I've read a dozen times and which doesn't help in that case.

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Re: Getting the Approved Limited status removed ?

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Hi Benjamin,

The above sounds a bit messy. However, based on what I can understand, my best guess is that you created ads that are sensitive in some sense and their perception varies by jurisdictions targeted. I mean that while they are legit in some places they might be not or questionable elsewhere. Hence the type of review needed may also vary and so is the amount of time needed for manual inspection where applicable.


Re: Getting the Approved Limited status removed ?

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Yes, well, as I said my Ads contain words such as "drug", "alcohol", and various drug names that can lead to addiction (as the whole point of these Ads is to promote addiction help & rehab).

Obviously Adwords "drug & alcohol (limited) approval rules" are here is avoid promotion of drug/alcohol...

Imho... promoting an addiction / rehab service is the exact opposite of promoting drug / alcohol !!! So it shouldn't get blocked by the review bot.