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German Display URL Character Length Exception

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This display "" URL is 36 characters long not including the forward slash seen in the ad. The destination URL is


The company deals in funeral insurance and I'm having a hard time figuring out how this ad was approved. Are there display URL character exceptions for Dutch? 

Re: German Display URL Character Length Exception

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I had too a longer display URL approved. Even if when entering the display URL the text field showed me -5 characters I was able to save the Ad and the status of it was Eligible and after a day it was Approved.


This is what the Display URL help page say : link


"Google can only show up to 35 characters of your display URL (or 20 characters for WAP mobile ads). If your display URL is longer, a shortened version will be shown with your ad."


So longer display URLs are not rejected, they are simply shortened. In this case and in my case also, the display URL wasn't even shortened, it was displayed completely even if it was a few characters over the limit.


Here is also the Character limit policy : link

It mentions the same thing "For the display URL, you can actually enter a longer URL, but it'll appear shortened when the ad is displayed."


Also that Ad is a beta test ad, because it has the option to input a text.

This exception of displaying a longer URL could be allowed because the Ad is an actual test.


This was my personal opinion. If you also have a longer display URL, try to create an Ad with it and see if it gets approved or not.