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Fraud Websites in Google Ads Results

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Unscrupulous people trying to use the Google brand to scam and defraud others.

Usually Feedback on AdWords ads form is not working.

For example search "Garcinia Cambogia" in 5 ads in the home page are fraud websites.



How we can fight against this problem ?



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September 2016

Re: Fraud Websites in Google Ads Results

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@Armen S

Well.... This doesn't seem to be   a simple case...


Though the product is reported as "problematic"  for weight loss  I haven't found it on the list of prohibited supplements, and on legitscript it is marked as "yellow".


My assumption is  that as long as no claims are included in the ad, Google allows the product. To stop promoting the product on Google, it has to be added to the list.

As for the ad, you  posted,  which does include a claim: this should be reported. There are millions of ads reported, and  the long process could be frustrating, at times.  Note: the click string is essential  to track the ad. Always include it when reporting.



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Fraud Websites in Google Ads Results

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Thank you for answer @MosheTLV
Agree with you "as long as no claims are included in the ad"

But in the mentioned website
1) We can see claims

2) They are using header like this

3) They are using as their display URL
4) They are using content, that they can not use

Thank you