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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Fixing Site Suspended

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I had submitted my ads for to AdWords and got approval for ages. However, from 2 weeks back my ads did not show and got "Site Suspended" status. I did not receive any relevant email from AdWords about this until I manually login AdWords and check. Please let me know why this happened to my site.

Re: Fixing Site Suspended

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Hi Cahn,
You should first check out for the reason for site suspension. To do that you would have to add a column in your ads tab mentioning Policy details under attributes. On ce you find out the reason, i would suggest you fix the errors on your site & resubmit your site. Make sure you fix and only then resubmit your site, because if if you have not fixed the errors and if there are multiple times site suspension then your adwords account may be suspended due to which all your ads would stop running. Hence suggest you to resubmit your ads after fixing the issue.

Hope this helps!


Re: Fixing Site Suspended

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Thanks for your response, Rinkal. Here is the reason I got from status column:

"This ad is not running because it points to a URL that has been suspended for site policy. Please review our landing page policies and make the appropriate updates to your website to start triggering this ad again".

And more...
"This ad isn't allowed because it takes people to a suspended website.

Why this happens: The website that's being advertised violates our advertising policies. Any keywords and ads for that website will get a "site suspended" status.

What to do: Check your email for an email titled "Your AdWords account: Ads not running due to AdWords Advertising Policies." Read through the policy that's linked from that email and then edit your website so that it complies with our policies. When you've fixed your site, contact us to get your site reviewed again"

I went to landing page policies but could not figure out why my site is suspended. Please help...