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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Fixing Site Suspended due to Site Policy

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please find my site


also find my ad    

* Heritage Homes    

* Luxury Villas in Kerala    

* Call at: 919447053716    



The ad status is disapproved from the time it is made
and the reason shown is Site policy
Again all Keywords are disapproved because "Site Suspended"

  • This keyword is not running because it points to a URL that has been suspended for site policy. Please review our landing page policies and make the appropriate updates to your website to allow your keyword to start triggering ads again. What can I do?
  • All text ads in this ad group are either paused or have been disapproved. Learn how to review and address any issues with your disapproved ads.

The links give a lot of reasons and i am not able to find the correct reason
Can anyone suggest a solution?

Re: Fixing Site Suspended due to Site Policy

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Hi Sunil J,


If you are certain that the email doesn't contain information on why your site was suspended, you can contact Google and ask them.


Fill out this form and they will get back to you!

Re: Fixing Site Suspended due to Site Policy

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Hello Sunil

Please remove "Call at: 919447053716", from the Ad Text, it is not allowed now, instead use call extension.

Resubmit your ads after making the changes and I hope everything will be fine.

Thank You!


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Sunil also read the full user safety policy here


Some points I am highlighting from the polic here:

Promote acceptable business models

  • Make it clear to users what your business does and how it works. For example, display on your site your company name, physical address, contact information, prices, or other important details about your company.
  • Provide a good user experience and maintain a strong online reputation.
  • Make sure that your sites display any relevant disclaimers or announcements that may be required by local law. For example, certain types of financial service providers may need to include specific text per governmental regulations.

Also add a privacy policy page, and terms of use page.


Make all the changes as per the policy and re-submit your site from here:


Hope this helps!


Thank You!