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First Person Claims "How I achieved X"

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as commonly known, for sensitive topics like health, dating or weight loss, google requires claims that indicate any sort of result to be marked with a "*" to a disclaimer. 


But is this also true for claims that are written in the first person?


For example:


"How I lost 10 pounds with this new method"

"How I learned to manage my diabetes without using any insulin"


claims like those would definitely need a * to a disclaimer if they were phrased like "how YOU can do X with Y method", but are first person claims an exemption?




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First Person Claims "How I achieved X"

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@Heinrich H;

As I mentioned in my earlier / other replies I think that this is "playing with fire". In both of those sentences you claim a cure.   Promoting a cure / healing  treatment NOT commonly accepted by the scientific community -  will result in a suspmsiom (e.g - weight loss can be promoted only if followed by moderate diet and exercise)


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First Person Claims "How I achieved X"

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Hi Heinrich,

There aren't any technical loopholes when it comes to AdWords policy. Real people look at your site and make determinations based on the spirit of the guidelines. I doubt many Googlers would care or even notice the difference between first person claims or not - considering they might only spend seconds making a decision.