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Feeling bullied by Adwords

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My Adwords account has been suspended.

I’ve waited a few days to post about this issue. The first day I both went to bed and woke up feeling angry, frustrated, misunderstood and picked on.
Looking at some of the posts on here, I realised that moaning was not going to cut it. So I will do as Adwords have asked – because the consequences of not doing so scare me.

For context, my site provides people with tools to achieve healthy weight loss at a healthy rate. We abide by the NICE guidelines in the UK for commercial weight management programmes and do not deal in pills, potions or other fads. My site is

As you know, Adwords makes it very hard to work out what the problem is. I called support and came to the conclusion, with the help of a very nice lady from Adwords support, that it is my customer success stories need to have a disclaimer on them.

These stories are written by customers themselves – are 100% real. There are hundreds of them on the site now as we have been going since 2001. None of them make any claims about what anyone else might experience, and all have lost weight in a healthy way at a reasonable rate.

The main reasons I feel bullied:

1. Google Adwords emailed me to say ‘Urgent Warning - Your AdWords Account May Get Suspended’ I logged in to my account within an hour of the email arriving in my inbox and my account had been suspended. That’s not a warning – it’s a joke. I’ve been advertising on Adwords for over 14 years – suddenly there’s something so wrong that my account has to be suspended immediately?

2. My main competitor, albeit many times bigger than me does not run a disclaimer on their ‘testimonial’ pages – they are an Adwords customer (and probably spend way more than I do). See not a disclaimer in sight.

3. Google Adwords uses testimonials on its own site no sign of any disclaimers.

4. My Adwords spend is much less than it used to be. I am back in my business after a long break, and have yet to spend enough time figuring out Adwords

to justify a bigger budget right now. I’m not even sure the numbers work anymore – but I don’t want to have all my data lost before I can have a proper look. I wonder if my account is now too small and Adwords want to get rid of it.


I’d like to know what Google Adwords and others think about this. Adwords is pretty much the only game in town – are smaller businesses at a disadvantage?


Thanks for listening if you got this far, I’d really like to know what you think.

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Re: Feeling bullied by Adwords

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Hi @Tracey W;

Yep, this could be very frustrating,  especially if you get both warning and suspension during night time while you are asleep... Smiley Surprised

Well, we have had several cases  from the industry lately and it seems that Google is now reviewing all sites promoting weight loss programs thoroughly;

IMHO:  You will have to review all claims, and make sure that they  (all0 fall within the common scientific practice for weight loss (i.e. Exercise and moderate diet).

It seems that there is  an issue with the "free trial"  you are offering, as well as  and collecting personal info in exchange for a free gift.


What was said in the suspension email you received, as to which  section of the Policy violated?


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Feeling bullied by Adwords

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You aren't alone!

1. Agreed, the warnings aren't very useful, and Google could handle this better. Being suspended isn't pleasant and seems rash.
2. You can't go by what the competitor gets away with - Google isn't picking on every site at once. Presumably their time will come
3. They are only clamping down on guarantees and testimonial in the health and fitness niche
4. Google certainly wants to keep their small advertisers.

Re: Feeling bullied by Adwords

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Thanks for the feedback, I am working on the changes we need to make now.

Re: Feeling bullied by Adwords

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Thank you, your reply has taken the edge off how bad I feel about this. (It's like being accused of doing something bad - reputation has always been important to me.)