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Expedited Complaint Review Process - Premium Paid Service

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So here is a suggestion for the AdWords Team.  


Problem: This board is cluttered with posts about competitors "Gaining An Unfair Advantage".  The typical response is "submit a complaint using this link" to which you will never hear a response and may never see any action taken. 


Solution: Since these complaints are materially impacting your advertisers business - your advertisers have a vested interest in seeing them addresses quickly and fairly. AdWords has an interest in minimizing the resources spent investigating invalid complaints. So...offer advertisers the ability to have expedited complaint review for a fee.  Advertisers pay X and the complaint gets reviewed in Y days/hours with a responce explaining that the alleged violation is valid and will be handled ASAP or an explanation of why the alleged violation is ok. AdWords could charge higher fees (X) for faster turnarond (Y) and then adverstisers could decided what premium to pay.


We have now spent 6 months complaining that the SERPs display links from the following 2 mirror sites at the same time:


We have submitted complaints using links/forms/people/forums. We would easily pay a 4 figure fee to have someone take the 5 minutes to look at this and tell us we were right or we got it wrong. 


Plus now AdWords Policy Review becomes another profit center for Google! +1



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Re: Expedited Complaint Review Process - Premium Paid Service

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Hi Reha
I completely understand your frustration and I have been there (recently actually) with clients. It can be frustrating. However, from spending time here on the AdWords community, I've discovered that there is a lot more that goes into a complaint of double serving than initially meets the eye. Complaints take a LONG time to investigate and are resource intensive.

I too would like to see an improvement in the speed of complaint resolution, however, I don't think that paid complain reviews are the answer and I don't think Google believes that either (although I can't actually speak for them).

I have no doubt that there are constant improvements being made behind the scenes but for now, the official procedure is the best we have.

Re: Expedited Complaint Review Process - Premium Paid Service

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Dave -

Something has to be done. I have no idea how many complaints they get and what percentage are deemed to be valid in the end but the feedback is that I hear consistently is that Policy is "overwhelmed". My suggestion was simply a way for Google to justify adding more resources to the problem without causing an impact to their bottom line.

I agree that many cases are complex and require deep research to understand the nature of the relationship and how the business works. But there are also cases (like mine) which I believe are 100% irrefutable and take only the time to visit each url to see they are the identical web property. The advertiser in our case has caused the effacacy of our campaigns to drop significantly - to the point our annual spend is down hundreds of thousands of dollars as a direct result.

The biggest issue is that, as an advertiser, I have no idea what the status of my complaint is. Perhaps the sites above have been reviewed and they were (amazingly) not found to be in violation of Policy. If that is the case then I am sitting here wasting time complaining when I should be figuring out what puts their actions above board.

On the flip side - if the problem gets addressed they will probably show up with a new site shortly thereafter.

This is why I thought that a pay for review policy might help by reducing the "noise" complaints and allowing the ones that the reporting advertiser truly thought were legitamate to rise to the top.