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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Exactly what is suspended?

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I got my account suspended for breaking the "knives policy":

"Google doesn't allow the promotion of knives, such as butterfly knives (balisongs) and switchblades, in addition to disguised knives, such as air gauge, belt buckle, lipstick case and writing pen knives."

I thought this meant that i am allowed to sell normal knives as long as they are not butterfly-knives, switchblades or any knives disguised as something else.

When i got a warning it just said i broke the "knife policy". It did not say in what way of even what ad was breaking the policy (i have more than 170 ads) but my employee stoped all knife-ads. But he left an ad for a bottle opener that looks like a knife, and for that i got my account permanently suspended.

Thank you google, after five years and over 10.000USD you did not think it was worth give me 60 seconds of your time to explain why you where threatening to close my account.


Now i am trying to find out exactkt what is suspended? Is it only the company/webpage i made the ads for or is it any company that i ever have or will make ads for? I called Google but they only say they "can't give that information".

Im doing some work for a mulit-milion-dollar company that also use adwords. Should i inform them that there is a chanse google will close their account permanetly because their account is now related to my accont? Or is Google only ignorant towards small companies?

Re: Exactly what is suspended?

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Hi MatSoder,


First I would like you to be optimist. Google considers All companies equally, Small company of $75 budget or Big Corporate with huge Budgets.


The suspension of the account will be automatic or by just considering the policy. If you contact higher officials through email and explain your History, I am sure you will get back your account.


I am saying this with confidence as i have seen mails from Managers of Google to some of our small business clients with all the account reactivated. This was in year 2010 where Google was suspending the accounts due to Fraud by some affiliates about "Google Money Program".


So, donot get panic and keep contacting the Google team from the Contact form. Try to send a detail email so that it will be considered and you will get reply from one of the higher officials from Google.


Thanks and Best Wishes !!!


-Syed Nuri

Re: Exactly what is suspended?

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I was optimistic at first. I thought as there must be some missunderstanding and i am prepared to do whatever google wants to fix my site and the problem will be solved.

But regardless what im writing i get a copy-and-paste e-mails saying essentialy "Your account is susspended due to policy violation, here is a link to the policy...."


I tried to call and got to talk to english speeking staff who claimed i was advertising knifes (which i was not). It turned out she was using google translate which translated the swedish word for bottle-opener into "knife". Regardless, she could not do anything because the "decission was final".

I called again and spooke to swedish speeking staff. She could not understand why i was susspended but she could not do anything because the "decision was final".


Regardless, i will not put any effort into AdWords or any other Google product because Google has proved to be a very un-trustworthy business partner.

And that decision is final.