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Dynamic Keyword Insertion doubt...

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Hey guys, hope you're all doing well so far in 2015 Smiley Happy


I have a question regarding Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI); even though I have been to the Adwords Blog about it, I'm still a bit confused.


I have been using DKI mainly because of trademark issues, but in my account I see Google approved older ads with these trademarks on (so, they don't show as 'Approved (Limited)'). My question is, how should I write it properly? Is it:


  1. {KeyWord:xxxx} Holiday Resort     (xxxx = trademark name) OR
  2. {KeyWord:Holiday Resort}

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Dynamic Keyword Insertion doubt...

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Please note that you are not allowed to use the trade-name in the ad-text - no matter which feature is used, unless authorized by the trade-name holder.

So, whether you use DKI to include the trade-name in the ad-text, or use it as a  "plain text" - you must get an authorization.

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September 2015

Re: Dynamic Keyword Insertion doubt...

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Hi Daniel,


Once you abide by what Moshe said about Trademark policy, you can use DKI both ways. 


I will try explaining it here. Suppose I write the headline with DKI like the following:


{KeyWord: Holiday Resorts LA}


Google will replace it with my other keywords if my ad wins the bid for users' search query.


But If I write Luxury {KeyWord: Holiday Resorts} in the headline, there will be lesser probability of DKI coming to action. Only the default headline might show up. Why? Because once the system tries to enter my other keywords in the ad, it may exceed the character limit. Hence, it will not be applied. 


Hence, to use it the way you referred in your example one, you  should use DKI in ads texts, not in the headline. 



Ratan Jha