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Duplicate listing specifics

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Can someone please help me understand the specifics of the Duplicate Listing policy, since all I can find under "Abuse of the Ad Network > Gaining an unfair advantage"  is pretty unclear. The case is about one holding company offering two similar (but distinct products) and listing twice linking to 2 different but similar landing pages. This should be ok, right? The other question is whether this can be done from two different accounts? And what about the domain: can both ads link to the exact same local domain (with different subfolders)? If not, would using a different subdomain make it possible? Again, the offer will be similar but clearly distinct (different pricing, etc)

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Re: Duplicate listing specifics

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Hi Mariana,

If the domain is same or even different but the business owner is same(same address and phone number), similar services/products with same or similar keywords and within same geographic target are advertised from different adwords accounts, then it comes under double serving policy or gaining unfair advantage which is a policy violation.

You can advertise both products within a single adwords account. As mentioned by you that the products are distinct so keywords must be different hence, you can target both with different adgroups/campaigns. No matter if you are using a main domain or sub domain.

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Re: Duplicate listing specifics

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Hi @Mariana G,


According to the policy, two or more similar products/services targeted to the same set of audience in the same geography by the same advertiser/business-entity is not allowed. 


Putting it simple, advertising with an aim to show more than one ad at the same search result page for a/any search query is not allowed. The intent of gaining unfair advantage by occupying more than one ad space for a search query is strictly not allowed. 


Now coming to your scenario - 


@Mariana G wrote:

The case is about one holding company offering two similar (but distinct products) and listing twice linking to 2 different but similar landing pages. This should be ok, right? 


You, yourself, are saying two similar products. This is the key, how similar? If they have got same/similar features but only the prices are distinct, it falls under the policy radar and would be a violation. 


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Re: Duplicate listing specifics

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This only becomes an issue if the two sites are advertising from two different AdWords accounts.

If you run the two sites as separate campaigns within the same account then Google will only serve the ad it considers most relevant. The relevance will be determined by a combination factors including QS, bid, targeting, etc.

Often companies set up multiple accounts rather than campaigns. You avoid all the double serving issues if you simply run all your campaigns from one account. It also makes things easier for management and unless there is a very good reason why this cannot be done it would be my recommendation...