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Double standard with trademark dissaproval!?

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We recently setup a campaign for our consulting company.   We're a database services company and obviously have to use the words oracle, sql server etc.,    Our ad was dissaproved stating we're using a trademark "oracle".    However when we go on and search for database services, there are so many good ads from companies showing up with those keywords (oracle, sql server etc., )  who provide the same consulting services.   We have snapshots of google sites where almost every database consulting company uses those keywords.   Not to mention we're also oracle and microsoft partners for god's sake!

 We don't undrstand what's going on with this double standard.  Everytime we set something up, it gets rejected for reasons which are not clear. 

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Re: Double standard with trademark dissaproval!?

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Its good that you are Certified with Oracle and Microsoft, so you van use the Trademark term in your adcopy and landing page.


You can fill the Authorization form to use the Trademark Term. 


For more info you can follow the link.




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Re: Double standard with trademark dissaproval!?

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Thanks we've submitted the given form.   Hope we will get a positive reponse.   It just extremely bizarre that if you're a database consulting consulting company, how can you advertise without using the database names!   Just doesn't make any sense at all.   Also you don't need to be an oracle partner or microsoft partner for a company to implement their products or solutions.