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Double ads

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Perhaps everyone has had enough time to see this phenom happening across Adwords now.  It's been going on for a bout a year and that's about how long it takes everyone at Adwords and help to figure out what the brass at Google has done.  In EVERY industry....on mobile only....ONE SPECIAL GOLDEN ADVERTISER....gets what I'd term and I think everyone else in the industry has already termed a "paid pack spot."  It takes up the top spot of the local pack and of course is marked with the small green "ad" banner.  Problem is, this same person also gets a normal Adwords ad that runs simultaneously at the top of page with the other advertisers.  THIS GIVES ONE ADVERTISER AND EXTREME, INTENTIONAL AND UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over the other advertisers.  


At my SEO company we have tested this to attempt to determine which customer gets the spot.  It is NOT the highest bidder, or the best quality score.  Does anyone know how Google chooses who gets this spot which effectively doubles a competitor's advantage over another and extremely disadvantages other advertisers with the same or higher bids and often better ad relevancy?. 



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Double ads

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Not sure I understand the scenario her.

Can you upload a screenshot to demonstrate  the case?

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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