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Double Serving Policy

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I reported a company two months ago for double serving.  They were using two different domains, one was a dot com and the other was a dot help.  It is very obvious it's the same company, the attorney has his pic on both sites and phone numbers and addressed to the firm are the same. These buys are purchasing multiple market and spending a lot of money.  One of the domains that is being advertised is owned by the law firm, the other domain, the dot help is owned by their advertising agency.   As stated above, I have reported this to Adwords multiple times, several Adwords reps have submitted the complain for me and I've had a conversation with a manager.  The first time I reported I was told this is definitely breaking Adwords TOS and one or both of the sites would be removed within two weeks.  That was almost two months ago.  My client is losing a lot of money and it's increasingly difficult to rank in the top 4 positions, not to mention the increased cost due to this company have two ads at the top of the page.  What am I missing?  Is this type of Double Serving permitted because the customer owns one of the domains and the agency owns the other... ??  Someone please help me understand how this is continuing to happen.  thanks in advance

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Re: Double Serving Policy

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Hi @Steve M
Generally speaking, a violation of the "gain unfair advantage" (formally known as "double serving") the same business entity has to promote the same product or service and target the same audience. This is the governing rule (with some exceptions).
To determine if there were a violation, all these 3 components have to be checked (this would be beyond our scope here). If the answers to   the 3 components were positive,  then this would be a violation.



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Re: Double Serving Policy

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I haven't really researched this forum but I did see one other post where the VICTIM is having the same issue as me. Here is the criteria:
1: the Business is a Law Firm
2 They Have Two Websites
3 They own one of the Websites and Their Advertising Agency owns the other
4 Both sites promote, Personal Injury law and Workers Compensation
5 Both sites have images of the lawyer, the lawyers name, with the same phone and address
6 For key search terms like, "car wreck lawyer" and Workers Comp Lawer" both his domains are usually in the top 4 Adwords postions
7 I have made at least a dozen reports, with screen shots.
8 I have talked with an Adwords supervisor
9 Everyone at the Adwords agrees he is double serving and in violation
10 This has been going on for over 2 months, which is ridiculous.
11 The law firm is spending a @#$% of Money
12 I'm starting to think that is the reason why nothing has been done.

From what I understand, this is happening more and more. the funny I've noticed about Adwords is, they have no problem banning a small business persons account who makes mistake due to ignorance, and it's usually over a $2 keyword, or something really simple stupid. But they seem to allow businesses and corps to do just about anything as long as they're spending 50k Plus per month..

I guess everyone should start Double Serving with different domains..