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Double Serving Policy

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Hi all,


my name is Brody and I work for a small company who is currently using a 3rd party vendor to run all of its online advertizing campaigns. I am looking to eventually bring the whole operation in house but we want to ease into taking over.


If we ask our vendor to shut down their campaigns in a few locations but continue their others, are we going to be flagged for "attempting to gain an unfair advantage" if we take over those locations using our own Adwords account? I would hate to take the risk if we might lose our search rank.


Please help!






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Re: Double Serving Policy

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Hi Brody,

This is very tricky and could potentially create problems for you. Technically, if the campaigns are in completely different geographies, you could make the case that you are NOT trying to get an unfair advantage. However, Google is quite explicit in stating that two accounts cannot be used to promote the same website, and considers it an unfair advantage.

A safer route could be as follows:

Instead of creating a new account to run in-house, you can ask your current agency to give you permissions to the account, and ask them to NOT manage some of the campaigns, which you will manage yourself as an admin user.

Once you are ready to take over the account completely, they can turn the account over to you, and you remove all of their user access.

This way, you don't have to build your account from scratch, and will benefit from campaigns that have been running longer this whole time and may already have good CTRs which improve your quality score and lower your costs.

Your agency should be able to turn the account over to you.

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Re: Double Serving Policy

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Hello there @Brody B;

Though, I would not advise this practice, since misunderstandings  between accounts manger  could happen, and as a result, both campaigns  would "geo-overlap"; under the new Policy (effective Sept 2014) this would not be considered a violation:   the audiences targeted are not the same. (Targeting different Geo locations -  means different audiences). Different audiences -> no violation of "gaining unfair advantage".


@Aaron S is correct that under the previous policy, in some circumstances, (beyond the scope of this thread) -  this could be considered a violation, But, as said,  meanwhile, the Policy has changed.

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