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Double Serving Policy is Dead

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I'm sure that most of the people here know this... but in small countries (like Bulgaria, for example), there is no more Double Serving Policy. Why?

When I personally reported advertisers for 'double serving' or even 'triple serving'... They had the same ad copies, the same addresses, the same phone numbers. Where 'the same' means 'exactly the same'. There were no response. (I think that 3 months are pretty enough.)

Since, the AdWords Support is a different team with NO FEEDBACK given from the Policy team, for me,there are only three reasonable explanations:

1. Policy team is lazy.

2. Policy team doesn't have local speaking representatives. Even that, with an automated tool it's easy to compare 2 or more websites for the same ad copies, addresses and phone numbers.

3. Double serving is welcome, because it raises the average CPC in the niche.

So, I believe that 'double serving' is possible and highly accepted (and welcome), because it raises the average CPCs ..

Double Serving Policy is Dead. Long Live Double Serving Policy! Smiley Happy

Re: Double Serving Policy is Dead

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I suggest you share your case here. If you really want to have a satisfactory outcome you need to provide the information necessary for others to undertake actions.

Unfounded allegations do not help your case. Operating in a relatively small e-commerce market myself, they do follow up tickets from my experience. It does help when you explain in english what they should be looking at, since i think most policy employees are english. But this is my personal observation.

How I launch complaints is as follows:
1. Use this form:
2. Fill in your details and select "business advertised through adwords"
3. In the menu that unfolds select "watchdog complaint" on the question what topic your complaint concerns. And fill in the rest of the form.

It doesn't hurt to send the same ticket in every two weeks as long as the issue is still visible. You need to consider that people get a week to adress their issues once they receive a warning from adwords. So within two weeks of filing the complain it should be resolved. If not, just file a new complaint.

Re: Double Serving Policy is Dead

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Hi Jelle,


Our local support is the best support I've ever talked with... Even, if we are not an English speaking country ... (From the USA support often (in 80% of the cases) can't find my MCC email address in a client's account!!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy ) As you can imagine I'm managing more than 200 accounts via my MCC...)


It's NOT possible to talk with someone from the Policy team. Google is 'capsulated'. The only person you can talk with is ... a person from the support team. With noone else! Even more, there is no feedback from the Policy team. They are something like 'gods' or 'black hole'...


Why should I send every week a ticket ? Why ?

If you tell someone from your company do to something that has to be done and he is obligated do it, because it is exactly what he is doing, and if you repeat it twice, so it's obvious that it should be done. Am I right?


In the case I mentioned, my first call to support was on 24th of May 2015. After another 5 or 6 calls... and 3 months later... the situation is the same.

Would you do me a favor, please?

You are not Bulgarian speaking, right?

Can you visually mark which of those ads are with the same ad copy?

1,3 and 8 (only the Headline is different)

(They had the same phone numbers. They have the same address. They have the same owner in WHOIS. What else should be equal?)

Re: Double Serving Policy is Dead

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Nobody gets to talk directly with the policy team other than Google employees internally. The helpdesk fills in forms and files them just as you would do yourself. Since I sell a lot of products which fall in policy sensitive categories I know first hand how it is to deal with the helpdesk.

I said send a ticket every two weeks as long as the problem isn't resolved. Not every week.

Furthermore i'm not questioning the legitimacy of your claim. I said that your topic wasn't helpful. I can't judge how your calls went, whether procedure was followed, i can judge none of those things. I'm simply sharing my experiences with the helpdesk and policy, and i can assure you a have a lot of them. In the last two weeks i have had to contact them eight times over policy issues. A simple policy check on two text ads took 4 days to clear. Google isn't perfect, and can be tardy like any other company. If you want to be sure things are done you should follow up to be sure.

I would also like to say that tickets submitted in written form are easier to follow up than call support. Because you can link relevant sites and such.


And if you do call in tickets ask them for the ticket number and write that down so you can ask later to be informed whether it has been filed or not. They won't tell you what the outcome was of your ticket for something like a double serving complaint, but just tell them to make another ticket. Keep pushing it. But be respectful because it's not up to the  helpdesk employees what happens. They just write tickets like everyone  else.