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Does Google enforce the ban on payday loan ads?

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In my industry, there are competitors who promote financial products that are exactly the same as the worst sort of payday loans -

  • predatory hidden fees,
  • short payback periods,
  • nasty interest charges and
  • late fees all hidden away in fine print

...but the products are not called payday loans, so Google doesn't seem to care.

These products also violate pre-existing AdWords policy for promoting loans, just as most payday loans did for years, but again there's never been much apparent enforcement.

I've reported ads but generally nothing happens, or one ad might be disapproved but that does nothing because the next ad in that group is just the same and the issue applies to every ad in the accounts, and affects every hapless consumer who is led to these websites via AdWords.

I've also spoken many times to Google reps, but it seems to be a "too hard basket" issue and they just tell me to report the ads even though they admit that won't do much of anything.

Any info about actual enforcement of the AdWords ban on nasty short-term loans? Is there any real way to get AdWords policy enforced against competitors who are behaving unfairly like this?  Man Happy

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Re: Does Google enforce the ban on payday loan ads?

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Well, as you mentioned, as of the beginning of this month (august 2016) PayDay (aka short-term) loans are not allowed.

Based on past history with changes in Policy, I assume it will take a while for the bots to crawl all businesses and remove the ads



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