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Do Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) ads work with trademarks?

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I've read somewhere that:


If a dynamic insertion would cause a trademark to appear in the ad, Google will simply use the default ad text instead.


There seems to be a lot of confusion of whether this is correct, or if indeed, the trademark will be inserted - does anyone know for sure?


One of my clients is using DKI ads in campaigns that are also bidding on trademarked keywords.

My client is neither a competitor nor a reseller of that specific trademarked mobile app, but they offer a free download of an ebook with tipps on using that particular app.

I'm concerned that we're not allowed to use that trademark in the ad copy (or are we?), but through DKI it might still show up in the copy, making us/them liable to unauthorised use of the trademark.

Does anyone know if this is actually the case, i.e. if DKI will actually show up with trademark keywords?

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Do Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) ads work with trademarks?

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Hi Eva,


I'm not 100% certain on the fact but I'm guessing that Google would just revert to the standard text advert as if they didn't this would be a easy work around of the trademark rule that would be more well known by now.


Probably best to get clarification on this by ringing Google themselves.

Do Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) ads work with trademarks?

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Well... This is a very nice question, and honestly, I haven't tested... As you pointed out, trade-names are allowed as keywords, hence, they actually can be inserted as DKI, I don't know if the system blocks them for DKI.

Let's see if someone who heavily uses trade-names can help with that.



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Re: Do Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) ads work with trademarks?

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Hi @Eva M,


There have been such instances in the past when a trademark term did show in the ad texts if  they were as keywords in the adgroup. Not sure if it still happens. 


I would advise you to avoid DKIs when you have violation-prone trademark keywords in the adgroup. There have been several cases where the trademark owners have taken legal actions against trademark violations through ad copies. 


Better play safe. The best would be to put all trademark keywords in one adgroup and use normal text ads, not DKIs.



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Do Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) ads work with trademarks?

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Yes, the TM will be inserted. Unless the TM would exceed character limits, just as any other DKI term.