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Display Network Topic Status "This ad has been disabled from serving"

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We have setup a Display Only campaign that has been turned on for over 24 hours and not receiving impressions. Upon further investigation when we roll over the comment bubble in the status column for the Topics targeting the status is "Managed" but in the explanation bubble it says "This ad has been disabled from serving." We have reviewed our campaign settings in depth and cannot find any reason why the ads would not be able to serve. 


Here are things we know:

All of the ads are approved.

The budget is set high enough to run without issues.

We are using the suggested click bid provided by Adwords.

The campaign is active

The adgroups are active

Ad rotation is set to accelerated

The targeting is fairly broad

Our billing is up to date and working


Any ideas of what might be happening would be appreciated.

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September 2015

Re: Display Network Topic Status "This ad has been disabled from

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Hi Jeff M,


Welcome to AdWords Community.


This error message typically relates to Adsense when the publisher's website does not meet guideline and hence is disabled from serving ads. Having said, I would be interested to know if you are using a combination of topics and placements targeting?


The possibility is that the placement you have been targeted is disabled from serving. 


Another important probable reason can be that your account is under periodic review that usually lasts for 2 to 3 business days. 


However, it's an account specific issue and as we cannot look into it from here, the best I would advise is to connect with phone support team. They would be the best persons to confirm what the issue is and how to get it sorted.



Ratan Jha

Re: Display Network Topic Status "This ad has been disabled from

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We are only using topics.

So when you say "publisher website" are you referring to the destination URL or are you referring to the publishers on AdSense where our ad would be displayed?

If all our ads are approved it seems that our destination landing page would not be a problem.

Re: Display Network Topic Status "This ad has been disabled from

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Hi Jeff,
Are you still experiencing this issue? Let me know and I will look into it for you.


Re: Display Network Topic Status "This ad has been disabled from

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Hi Kathleen,

Yes we're still experiencing the issue but another Google rep is looking into it for us.

Any insight into why this problem might be happening though would be appreciated. Everyone seems to be stumped on the Google side too.