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Disgusting Ads

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There are disturbing Ads on many Turkish pages. They actually don't include any disgusting images but together with the titles and texts which are about colon cleansing etc. they become disturbing. Whoever design them aims to attract attention by making people disgusted he or she achieves that. I find it kind of abusive to pop up some weird images and suggesting disgusitng content. Flagging the ad  "irrelevant" or "inappropriate" does not make them go away either.  



Here are some examples.


I searched for a page to write a complaint about this issue but couldn't find anything.

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Re: Disgusting Ads

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Good afternoon.


The correct way to flag inappropriate ads is to use the "feedback" link at the bottom of the search results page that shows the ads.


When you search on Google and see inappropriate ads, scroll to the bottom of the page, find the "feedback" link, and click it. Using this link sends the ads team at Google all of the information they need to investigate your complaint.


It may be that you are seeing these ads on other websites, and not on the Google search page. If this is the case, try cleaning out your browser's cache and all of the saved cookies. This should clear it out if these are remarketing ads, based on a cookie set when you visited some website.


Your other option, of course, is to contact the owner of whichever website you are visiting when you see the ads. If you let the website owner know that the ads are serving too often or in poor taste (or both), then they can take action--they control what ads are shown on their own website. Very few website owners will continue to serve ads that their visitors don't like.



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Re: Disgusting Ads

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Hello Andim F ,


Since you are writing about AdSense Image Ads (not search ads) , the steps to report/Flag such an Ad are the following :


1) Click on the X found on the top right of the image (if it is a Google AdSense Ad)

2) Select "Inappropriate" from the 3 options

3) You will get the message "We'll review this ad to improve the experience in the future"





Only clearing the cookies does not report the remarketing ad anywhere, so you might see it again, only not that often.


Contacting the website Administrator might get that Ad blocked IF you tell them the website URL from the offensive Ad so they can block it from their AdSense account. Otherwise just providing them with an image will not help.

So you have to click on that Ad to see the actual website where it leads.

Re: Disgusting Ads

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Also you can report the Ad through this form :


Select "This is violating other AdWords policies", then "Other ad issue" , then select "Text/Image Ad" , Paste the Link URL and the Destination URL and in the form "Please provide us with additional context for your submission" write your complaint.


However any complaints, even trough the "x" button or the form , will take a while to be investigated and Google does not announce you if the complaint has been solved in your favor.


Another option to avoid getting targeted by certain ads is to opt out of interest based ads . Find details here under "Manage your ads settings"

Re: Disgusting Ads

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for a desktop or laptop, most browsers have a copy-link-location
or similar feature -- so, the ad can be hovered-over and the url
details copied-and-pasted (usually via the right-mouse-button),
rather than having to actually click (on the ad).