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Disapproved Sitelinks still converting

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Hey Everyone,

I have sitelinks on all of our campaigns and a 5 out of about 100 of them have been disapproved, but still have conversions and all other metrics. How can this happen? Then is there a way to see exactly why they are disapproved? As far as I can tell they meet all the sitelink policies and appear to be set up the same as the other 95 or so.




Re: Disapproved Sitelinks still converting

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Hi Curtis,

It's pretty hard to know why without a bit more information but maybe check to see if those few disapproved sitelinks had the same destination URL as other sitelinks in the same AdGroup/Campaign extensions. Were all the disapproved sitelinks going to the same page?

If you can give us an example of what you have we might be able to help a bit more


edit: can't believe I forgot to mention this.... The sitelinks may have been active and built up stats then been disapproved. Maybe change your date range to see if this is why disapproved ads have the stats.