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Disapproval Reason

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Site policy: website can't be advertised: We've determined that your site  doesn't comply with our site policies. Because of this, any ads promoting  this site have been disapproved.


The above statement I received today after submitting my website for review.


I have rewritten the 20 articles on the website and checked they are unique.


Could you please explain what changes you want me to make on the website so that my ads can start running again.




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Re: Disapproval Reason

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Hi there;
If the site was reviewed after an appeal, and the appeal was declined, nothing much we can do.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Disapproval Reason

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Hi Moshe,
Thank you for replying to my post. The site was not reviewed after an appeal.
I only have 20 articles on my website educating users of the website about the Forex niche. Also I have 4 banners showing on all the article posts on right hand side promoting Click bank products in the Forex niche.

I have re written the articles and they are 50% unique.
The reason from google side is:

This ad has been disapproved.
Site policy: website can't be advertised

Guide me: Fix your disapproved ad
Ad policies

Low value content
Misleading or unrealistic promotions

Could anybody let me know who to fix the above mentioned issues.

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Re: Disapproval Reason

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First, you are in all likelyhood in violation of AdWords Financial Services policy: and any combination of "Forex" and "Affiliate" will almost always violation as a
"Misleading or unrealistic promotions"

By the way, have you actually purchased and used these products? Mmmm.

Second, you are in violation of Google's doorway page policy:

Please review the excellent thread on affiliate marketing and AdWords here:

"Let me put it in a much clearer way. If you removed ALL of the affiliate links and ads from your page, would you still pay to send traffic to it via AdWords? If the answer is no, it's a bridge page."

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Re: Disapproval Reason

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Hi Philip,

Thanks for the reply. After watching video you mentioned in your post, I am now better informed about google policy with regards to affiliate marketing.