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Direct Trademark violation and Google Adwords actions

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Hello, I’m posting this to see if anyone has had similar problems regarding trademark infringement within Google Ads.


Recently we have noticed several competitors using our direct company name in the title of their ads.

This issue was initially caught about 2 months ago and we filled out the “Google AdWords Trademark Authorization” form, in which we have been identified as being the trademark owner of the company name and domain name.


As of right now, we have seen ads posted by our competitors going as far as using the following in the title of their ads :  Company – 50% Off! , and one ad even just headlined our company name directly.

(Of course I will leave our company name out of this post for now).


How can this be legal?  We have sent complaints to our Google rep, and the best they can tell us is:

“As usual, there is no guarantee that the request will go through, and there is no feedback the team gives regarding the outcome”.


Would anyone recommend any further steps such as a valid DMCA complaint?

 I would be very curious to hear of any similar situations, and what additional steps have been taken to resolve such similar issues.

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Re: Direct Trademark violation and Google Adwords actions

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Hello there;
If your company name was a registered trade-name; then the ad should be automatically disapproved.
Either there was some technical glitch in Google's system, or the name is not recognized as a trademark;
Please upload a screenshot of the search results page; showing an example of your competitor's ad, that has your name in the ad-text.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Direct Trademark violation and Google Adwords actions

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