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Different local protectionist policies on Adwords in each country

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My question is why Google doesn't seam to have a common approach in each country, we have our original English site and have now built a German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Polish and Portuguese sites, all on local domains.

But as we set up local Adwords we get different reasons from the local countries to block adverts, in the end we address the issues, but it is different each time. We feel like this isn't a policy, but when we build a professional translated ecommerce site on a local domain, that the local,google Adwords teams are nationalistic rather than Google corporate and feel they need to make our sites not really localised. Latest example, Spain, we have a new site and it auto detects where you are from and their is your country flag in the shipping to in the top right hand corner of then site, so when you go to checkout in the country selector box it is automatically the country of the flag. So if you are Spanish in Spain you get Espania in the country to ship to box auto selected, but you can change this. Google,Adwords,have disallowed our google Adwords adverts because of this and now we have to rework our Spanish language site to have no country in this box but just the words in Spanish, please select your country. If you check many Spanish based company web sites in Spain on Adwords they have Spain auto selected, so this seams to be Google,Adwords Spain just trying to make a U.K. Based site appear not to be a true Spanish shopping experience, though we give the customer everything from shipping to returns and customer services in Spanish, this appears to be national protection? We have hit similar problems and finally overcome them in all not UK Adwords teams.

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Different local protectionist policies on Adwords in each country

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AdWords is an auction based system. Bids and actual CPC change during from auction to auction, based on keywords, location, languages and dozens of other factors.  Typically advertisers bid the highest on exact match and the lowest on broad match.

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Different local protectionist policies on Adwords in each country

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Yes but they have no issue with the bids or the keywords, we are excluded from bidding if for instance in Germany before we fixed their requests, even though local resellers use some english words that are industry standard for swimwear like kneeskin, as we were a UK based company with a German language site we were rejected for using this, so we had to use a word that isn't known or is very old and customers will find it strange, also the search on our site said search and not the German word in the search bar, rejected from Adwords, the latest with Spain is crazy, all local sites pre populate the shipping country with the one of the customer, in the UK all sites pre populate the ship to as UK, but Adwords Spain says no this must be left blank for the Spanish customer to find his country name in a long drop down list! Yet checking our Spanish based competitors they all pre populate the ship to as Spain, and they are all on Adwords with no issue, it just appears that Adwords wants to  at a National level stop non local based websites, or make it as difficult as possible to advertise, which is actually against EU law of free trade, it is local country protectionism and I am sure if Google USA knew this was happening would investigate the local Adwords teams!

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Different local protectionist policies on Adwords in each country

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for shopping-ads at least, google requires a stable unchanging landing-page --
including any price, currency, language, tax, and shipping details, on the site.

any automatic selections based on any user-specific detail,
such as ip-address, location, cookies, browser, user-agent,
etc., is generally not allowed and grounds for disapproval
or a (permanent) suspension from the program, at any time.

generally, google wants a stable, consistent, user-experience.

a typical method to ensure stability and constancy and meet the shopping-ads
policies, is to use url parameters with server-side scripts, separate folders/
directories, or separate domains, per target-country, with nothing changing
once the user lands on the page.

all details submitted should match and show the same landing-page
and related product details, identically, for any and all users --
or may otherwise trigger a policy flag.

regardless, google has tended not to disclose their internal technical,
legal, business, or similarly proprietary discussions, that resulted in
their programs' policy related decisions, within public forums.


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