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Destination URL not working

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I've been using Google AdWords for quite sometime now and I've never experienced any problems with the approval of my ads until now. One of my campaigns are not being approved as Google sends me the following: "Destination URL not working".


The advert itself is used to promote the entry of a Mountain Bike Tournament, and originally the advert was linking to the events' entry page, yet after receiving the error i changed the link to the websites home page. My ads have been rejected 4 times now and I've done a lot of error testing:

  • My robots.txt has no funny settings, it allows bots to access the entire website;
  • My site has no .htaccess thus there should be no issues;
  • The link itself does work;

Thus, I have now reached a stage where I have no idea how to fix this. Could anyone kindly provide me with a bit of guidance as to what it could be or how to start looking for the problem. I've gone through Google's support section and tested all the elements they listed, but all seem to be working just fine.


Help and guidance would be much appreciated!

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Re: Destination URL not working

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Hi Yolinda

Destination URLs have been deprecated, you need to use the Final URL going forward.

learn more here:

Good Luck

Destination URL not working

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How do I fix this problem with my adwords account

Ad Status: Disapproved
Ad Issue(s): Destination mismatch
I have tried many times but it keeps disapproved, my other site is working but I want to create a new Campaign using the site but it keep getting disapproved.
What should I do and how? Can you please help me?