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Destination URL Not Working, sort of

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I'm running 3 parallel campaigns, one each of types Product Listing, Display Network,and Search Network. Each campaign has the same 200+ adgroups, pointing at the same URLs. Of course, the Product Listing ads are getting their data from the Merchant Center. My master file for the Merchant Center is auto-uploaded nightly and has never issued a "URL not working" error -- although I don't know if it actually checks.


However, starting about a month ago, about a dozen identical adgroups in both the Display Network and Search Network started generating this error: Destination URL Not Working


I have gone to the afflicted ads using both the online campaign management tool and the AdWords Editor, pasted in the Destination URLs to Google Chrome's omnibar, and had no problem. I've pressed refresh to make sure I'm not viewing some local copy.


My server is hosted by Network Solutions at their hub in Virginia. I set up a script locally to access the problem URLs 1000 times per day and did not have a problem.


I've dutifully resubmitted the Disapproved ads on a daily basis with no change.


For those that are able to look further, here's a specific example. The destination URL is

The adgroups and the Merchant Center product id are all identical: GM_AllSeasons_05LB


What next?



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Re: Destination URL Not Working, sort of

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Hi Hermitian, boy, that's a tough one.  At the risk of getting a virtual punch in the mouth, the first thing to check is that the URL on your Ads is actually correct.  Yes, I know you've checked them a zillion times and they're fine, but check them one more time, just for me...  When entering URLs - especially longer ones - I always copy and paste the URL from the actual browser address bar showing the page; it's so easy to make a tiny mistake and I know I've done this sort of thing often enough.  So please, just check them one more time...


OK, assuming the URLs are exactly right, we're left with the question of why Google thinks they're not, and that's real tricky.  


First question - is it always the same Ads/URLs or does it move around the campaign?


Does your host report any downtime - any at all?


I would often say to people their page is too complex and too slow to load but that doesn't appear to be the case for you. 


Have these URLs worked consistently in the past or have they always failed (while others have always worked)?


Have there been any changes to the page(s) recently - again, any at all?



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Re: Destination URL Not Working, sort of

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This has happened to us a number of times as well.


What worked for us was removing "www." hostname and the ads were instantly approved.


Make your landing page URL:


Let me know if the solves your problem.



Re: Destination URL Not Working, sort of

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I'm thinking there are 2 error sources: one is mine (unknown nature), and the other is Google AdWords (generating wrong error message).