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Constantly getting suspended due to site malware policy violation?

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Please someone help me! I am a small business owner of a home improvement company who also manages my own website and adwords accounts. I am repeatedly flagged for malware policy violation (1-2 month), and can never be given any explanation. 


Here is my site:


I have linked my account in google webmaster tools today with my analytics and adwords account, but it takes some time for data about malware to populate. Someone mentioned a server-level redirect, but I have secure linux hosting with a reputable hosting company. Please, please help, I am losing so much money from this, and google doesn't seem to care!

Re: Constantly getting suspended due to site malware policy violation?

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Hello Howard B,

I´have had malwere once:

Actions to take :

Check your computer(s) for virus/worms etc. Clean your computer.
If that does not work, re-install the operating system from start.
After you have done that, your computer is clean, then change passwords for ftp and login in the cms, and other logins to your website.
Put back your website from backup, from a moment that it was not infected.

Reason : malware is often placed with using your admin account data for the website. They catch your login data by putting a virus on your computer that does this.
If there are other people that use admin accounts, they have to check their computers, and change their passwords too.

Check if it possible to put more protection on your website. (safety plugins etc.).
It is possible that mallware is placed because your website was not save enough build.
** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
** Ik ben Adwords aan het leren en vind het erg boeiend.