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Competitor using our company name

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Hi Guys, a competitor is using our companies name to hijack keywords. How can I lodge a complaint about this?

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Re: Competitor using our company name

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Hey Craig,

Is the competitor using your trademark/company name on his website? If he's only bidding on keywords, then I'm afraid that this practise is legitimate and is allowed. Refer to the trademark policy here:
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Re: Competitor using our company name

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Hi Craig,

Great question here, we have experienced a number of clients facing this problem and it can be very frustrating.

Competitors are allowed to bid on your company's name / brand, but they shouldn't be using it in their ad copies to pretend they are you. The only time they can use it is if they are a reseller.

You can fill in a complaint form but before you do, you should read through the trademark policies here to be sure you have a valid case for a complaint.

Have you considered bidding on their brand? It is common for companies to have specific Competitors campaigns within their AdWords account to target competitors brands. The likelihood is that their Quality Scores will be low and they will be paying significantly more for click they receive from your brand terms.

Hope that helps!


Re: Competitor using our company name

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Hi there;

There could be a number of scenarios here;


  • If your name is not registered as a trade-name- the competitor can use it.
  • If your competitor is targeting the USA, UK or Australia and, it is a registered trademark, it can be shown on the competitor's ad-text, as long as the competitor's landing page fulfills the following conditions:
  1. The primary purpose of the ad's landing page is to provide informative details about goods or services corresponding to the trademark term.
  2. The product or services must be the primary focus of the ad's landing page.
  • If the competitor is targeting other countries your trade-name can be used only as a keyword.,

For a full list of terms and restrictions, see the following;

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