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Competitor Double Serving

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I have been reporting a competitor for many months now. They are "gaining an unfair advantage" by gaining two positions in Adwords search results - sometimes in the top two positions!


Despite my protests, Google is still serving the ads.

This competitor has bought multiple domains and created an impression of having different companies - yet they are all one and the same.


They have recently bought  further domains and created even more sites with some of their services now having three identities. Potentially they could occupy the top three positions.


In the process of doing this, the minimum bids have increased with top page bids sometimes as much as £25.00.


I have spoken directly with my account representatives in adwords who have looked at this "live" whilst on the phone to me. They have agreed that this is a clear example of double serving and have passed my complaint to the investigation teams (presumably).


They always add a footnote to our conversation saying that I will njot be able to see the result of the investigation.


Clearly I can, as the double serving continues. 


Soon, Google will have to write a policy for triple serving, as my competitor prepares to launch its third business on adwords.


Can someone please advise on how I can escalate this complaint.



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Re: Competitor Double Serving

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Well... Double serving is a tough issue. You'll have to continuously pressure Google. Smiley Surprised

One side note: are you sure that this this the same business entity which double serves?

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Re: Competitor Double Serving

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Absolutely certain.

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Re: Competitor Double Serving

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Hi Richard,

I really don't think you can stop this kind of double/triple serving. If they are serious about it, even if Google stop their ads, the very next thing they will do is create a new company to a different person and go on. With bids as high as £25 buying new domain or making new website will be very small issue.

This is why Google does nothing. If they are using 2 different cards for payment its literally not possible one to be forced to stop advertising based on complaint.

Sorry for telling you this but competition is a war and sometimes its not fair.

Re: Competitor Double Serving

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If they are two different registered business with different website, even if owner is same it may not get covered under Google's policy of double serving.