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Competitor Double Serving

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Hello Everyone, 


I suspect my competitor is violating an adwords policy however, I have no way of approving it. In the past, he was double serving his ads my having a .ca and .com URL. I noticed this, informed google, and they made him stop it. However, now he has become more clever about it by creating a microsite with a different, url, phone number, ads,etc. Basically, he has made it very difficult to trace this account to his old one. I checked when the URL was purchased and it was bought in the beginning of the month so this "company" has not been around for quite some time. Is there anything I can do in this situation to ensure an even playing field?

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September 2015

Re: Competitor Double Serving

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Hi Michael,


To be honest with you, if there is some advertiser who has been trying to mislead AdWords by violating the policies, it's not going to last for long.


As you already said that AdWords might have been involved in the past to stop ads of your competitor; on finding the facts and other verification process internally, they might again approach and ask the advertiser to stop violating the policies.


However, if you really want to get in touch with AdWords regarding this, you can fill up this form and reach them:



Re: Competitor Double Serving

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Hi Michael,

My experience is completely different from Pankaj's experience.

I had a competitor breaking the rules severely for 11 months straight. I have made countless complains and I received about 20 phone calls from Google's employees confirming that the policies of AdWords were not obeyed by that competitor.

In the end I brought the case here, in the forums and it was solved. But - remember what I said - 11 months: phone calls, emails, complaint form, forum posts (in English as well as Romanian).

You need to document as much as you can the violations. But you must have arguments. Call Google, send email, use the complain form:

If nothing is solved in 2 months, bring the case here.

Don't count on Google to be that smart and find that soon. I am very sorry to say this, but Google still has a long way until they even respond in a timely manner to a serious policy violation.

The site in question was not in English. That may be a contributing factor. When the sites are not in English, AdWords field is pretty much Wild West. It's worse than survival of the fittest, because as a honest advertiser you have to respect the rules while your competitor will do whatever he wants. This can be a very serious competing handicap.

I wish Google will do something about it.

Best regards,
Razvan Mihaiu