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Competitive business use my name as a keyword

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I run my own undertaker business v/ Naja May since my name is Naja Genet May, sometimes just called Naja May. My former employees Begravelses Service who also runs an undertaker business in this local area are pretty bitter that I chose to leave them about 1 1/2 year ago. So they purchased a couple of adverticements through Google, pointing to  their business at the very top of google search in our local area Frederiksberg, when somebody specifically search my name or my business name on both a PC or on a smartphone. My name and business name is not shown directly in their add - it´s just used as a keyword. It is really not fair to use peoples names or business names as keywords, especially not when the name is rare as is the case, and they have a competetive business. Besides people who are grieving and are in need for help might most likely not be able to distinguish between Begravelses Services add on top, and then my own name and business name that comes second, because it seems like I´m still a part of their business.


Is it possible to have Google remove those adds? I think they are not legal.


Please let me know it you need more information, and thank you up front for anwaring my question!


Best regards 

Naja May

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Re: Competitive business use my name as a keyword

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It looks like a Trademark issue which you are talking about. However, please note that keywords of the advertisers are not investigated as far as the policy is concerned. 


But yes, the ads are reviewed by Google if the trademark owner files a complaint and ask to take action.


Read more about the Trademark policy here:


For Trademark owners, this help center reference gives more insights:


Hope this helps!