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Censoring from Why?

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Why are you censoring from Google Ads? They have created a series of powerful ads in support of abortion rights to run on Google.

But Google is REJECTING these ads, claiming that ads supporting abortion rights are not "family-safe," a label they usually apply to ads for hook-up sites and porn.

Stop censoring abortion rights groups!  Their ads aren't graphic or obscene in any way. They are just simple messages in favor of abortion rights. And since Google regularly runs ads from anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers," it is especially stunning when they shut pro-choice ads down.

This type of censorship is WRONG on so many levels!


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September 2015

Re: Censoring from Why?

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Hi Shirley,

Thanks for your question.

I had a look at your website and I see that it advocates in favor of abortion rights. I had a look at Google policy and it says that they do not allow abortion ads. The policy doesn't state any specific examples of what is allowed and what is not allowed. Looking at your website I do not see your website promoting abortion but rather it is promoting a petition of women rights for abortion. I see that the policy is based on Geographic location and it varies from country to country. You can have a look at the policy.

I would recommend you to contact the support team so that you can get the clarity as to whether your ad will be allowed or not.

On a lighter note, Google doesn't give "family-safe" label to ads for hook-up sites and porn Smiley Happy Smiley Happy.