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Case of quadruple serving allowed by Google

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there's a company bidding on Adwords who is appearing with 4 different sites for the very same searches.

I would like to know if there's something I haven't understood about the double serving policy, because I can't really understand why Google is allowing this.


In the past (months ago) I had reported these websites already because they were appearing for the same keywords with 2-3 different accounts, and now a fourth one has appeared. 

I think that the situation is really bad, not only because there are 4 (4... not even just 2) sites from the same company, but also because this happens on soo many different target countries (with localized domains\websites) so that this problem involves at least 10/20 domains (probably more, I didn't really check with a proxy in every single country of this world).


Anyway, I'll take the domains that appear on the French market for the keyword "jeux mmorpg".serp.jpg


Let's have a first look at them:







Some things to notice:


1) All of these websites promote the very same games using the same affiliate tracking links. The order in which the games show up is absolutely the same for each site.. sometimes the order changes, and when it does, of course all the sites change it altogether the same way.

1a) Maybe not relevant, but it's fun to notice how the first 3 games belong to the same company, which I suppose is strongly affiliated with them.


2) The reviews, images, videos, etc.. about each game are identical.


3) The layouts are terribly similar.. the first 2 websites also have the same siteskin ad.


4) The layout texts (for example those on the sidebar) are always the same... and also quite un-readable as they are stuffed with unnatural keywords. These sites also share the original characteristic of displaying an identical keyword-rich tag cloud multiple times on the same page.


5) If you look at the 4 impressum pages, the 4 respective owners are: person1, person2, person1&person2 GbR, and a company with the same address and phone number of person1&person2 GbR.


It seems to me that this would be a perfect example of illegal double serving, but Google policy team doesn't think so.

I've just sent another report after the 4th site popped up, but I don't really believe that anything will change, as Google probably gets good money from having 10 websites instead of 7 competing for the same keywords in all Europe and USA.


Nevertheless, it would be nice to know how they can do this thing legally so that even small advertisers like us can try to do the same, instead of being completely cut out of the game.


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Re: Case of quadruple serving allowed by Google

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Hello @Simone F

I  share your  frustration, but I also have to note that  complaints about double / triple serving do take time to investigate. (Much time, I should rather say...) 

My advice: Continue to submit  complaints.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Case of quadruple serving allowed by Google

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Thanks for your input MosheTLV... unfortunately, nothing has changed yet after more than 2 weeks since my last 3 reports (and several months after my first reports)... I hoped that someone from adwords could see this post as it explains the situation better than those sintetic forms, but the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that google knows about this situation, and they deliberately don't do anything to get more money. 

Re: Case of quadruple serving allowed by Google

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I decided to give up sending reports for France (sent so many without results), so I sent a new one regarding what happens in Germany.

Once again, a few images are worth a thousand words, so I won't add anything else.







The situation is even worse than how it looks, as most of the time these 2 sites appear in 1st and 2nd position.

Also, although the images are very small, you can note that the textual content is absolutely identical.


No actions have been taken by Google since my first reports (about 5 months ago) and my post here (about 3 months ago)

Also, it's impossible that they didn't receive them as I've sent quite a few of them during all this time.


God knows how much I'd love to hear someone (possibly from Google) explain to me how in the world something like that abides by the norms.