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Can The FDA Regulate Keywords?

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I have a new client that wants to advertise their skin lotion that treats bruises in elderly. The product does not "cure" or "prevent" bruises, it is a treatment lotion. It's closer to a cosmetic product than a medication.


They want to review all of my AdWords keywords and remove anything that has any mention of "cure", "heal", "prevent", ect as a keyword. I disagree with there concerns about the keywords.


My ads do not state, in any way, that the product cures bruises. The ads state that the product helps improve circulation and strengthen the skin. Searchers never see keywords, only ads, so I'm under the impression that there should be no reason to be concerned about the language of my keywords.


QUESTION: Can the FDA regulate keywords?

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Re: Can The FDA Regulate Keywords?

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Hello chrisschaeffer; welcome

This is a nice question ...


As for the Policy . The policy is clear:

  • Additionally, Google AdWords prohibits the advertisement of sites whose primary purpose is to sell products that claim or imply to be as effective as anabolic steroids, weight-loss drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs, prescription drugs, or controlled substances, irrespective of claims of legality.

The FDA does not "regulate" keywords. But, the system checks the compliance of the ad-copy and the site content.

Hence, if your site implies that the product is as effective as prescription drugs (on the market); you are at risk (of account suspension.)


And a final note; please be aware that if your keywords are about "curing" and "healing", while the ad-copy and the site have no content about "curing" (since not allowed), then these KWs are irrelevant (by AdWords terminology) and eventually will end up with low QS.



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Re: Can The FDA Regulate Keywords?

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Your client is just being careful. If you make any claim to "prevent, treat or cure a health condition" you bring your product into the FDA's sphere of regulation. They just want to steer clear of the FDA.