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Can I place an ad that asks people to visit my

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Hi -


To drive contributions to my Kickstarter project: I'm asking if I can create an ad doing so.  Because I'm not selling a product, but rather asking for a contribution, I'm wondering if you have any policies preventing that.


Thank you -



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Re: Can I place an ad that asks people to visit my

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Hi Adrian and welcome to the forum, a good question!


Adwords Policies don't permit "Solicitation of Funds" unless they're tax-exempt.  I'm not sure if Kickstarter donations are, but I'd also say that the spirit of the Policy appears to be that the permitted "solicitation" is only for registered charities.  There are variations for certain countries so make sure you read up on these.


I would say I think it unlikely you'd find such a Campaign profitable anyway, it would be a tough sell.  



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Re: Can I place an ad that asks people to visit my

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You don't have to be selling a product to use adwords. Whether or not you can advertise your specific page on kickstarter may be a different issue(?). I get confused about that myself, perhaps one of the TC's would know specifically whether you could advertise your specific kickstarter page or not. 


We posted at the same time Jon. Smiley Happy


Is (what do they call it?) crowd funding(?) solicitation, or investing? Very interesting question... "Kickstarter does not allow charity, cause, or "fund my life" projects." Yet, "Project creators keep 100% ownership of their work." so it's definitely not an investment option for those who pledge money.

"If a project is successfully funded, Kickstarter applies a 5% fee to the funds collected." So the company itself is definitely a for profit business - Would that mean Kickstarter could advertise, but individuals with specific projects could not?

What about "The Uncle Ruckus Moive" (Adult Swim Fan here!) where for a pledge of a certain amount, you actually receive a product in return? Is that solicitation or sales? 


Seems tricky indeed, and I too agree that if possible, could be a very tricky proposition. Perhaps in this case social media including Google+ may help build interest, wihtout so many of the complications? Interesting question though. Smiley Happy