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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Buyer Beware - of Google's Stupid Policies - From My experience

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Dear Fellow Advertisers,


Beware, Beware, Beware.


I have held a Google adwords account for nearly 4 years, running the same advert.  Approximately 8-12 months ago I ran an advert for a entirely different product website (which I might add Google not only accepted and charged me for according to the clicks that we made on the advert).

Now 12 months later they without any notice suspended my account, claiming that advert (which I might add was deleted not long after I started running the advert) that the webiste was in breach of their policies and suspended my account.


Never mind the advert hasn't run for months, and been deleted.  They're suddenly claiming through their idioacy that this was the rationale for suspending my account - even though I only have the 1 ad running which has been running for nearly 4 years and each month they bill me for.


How **bleep** stupid are Google Adwords and their idiot staff - that they can suddenly turn around nearly a year later and state the so called 'offending' website (which I might add they approved at the time) is in breach of their policies - and an advert that has been deleted for months.


So beware - they can simply give stupid reasons for why they suspend an account virtually a year after the fact.


Go elsewhere for your paid per click advertising.  These idiots are acting like gestapo police on past history rather than the present.  No warning.  Just straight suspension.  Anyway their advertising is simply over the top expensive and not worth it.


Never will I ever advertise with Google Adwords again.


Desley Casey


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September 2015

Re: Buyer Beware - of Google's Stupid Policies - From My experience

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My assumption is that if your account has been suspended, they probably have their own reasons. 'Offending' is a strong statement for a website. The Google policy team is working hard improving their rules in order to improve the quality of the ads, so you should not be surprised if one day your site get suspended, especially if your site was close to the 'offending' category.


It would be very interested to know which products or service you sell to have a clear and fair opinion on this case.

Re: Buyer Beware - of Google's Stupid Policies - From My experience

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I belive google think they are "to big to fail" and therefor kick out customers for no reason.

I got suspended because google translate translated the swedish word for bottle-opener into "knife". And knifes are not allowed....


Not only did google loose 5.000$ a year from me. They have made sure that i will inform as many people as i know that you should never ever put any trust, money or time into AdWords or any other google-product.

Google think they can afford to dump customers for no reason. And at the moment they can. But sooner or later google will meet competition and then it will be very expensive to buy back customers they have misstreated.

Re: Buyer Beware - of Google's Stupid Policies - From My experience

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Hi MatsSoder,
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