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Blocking card number Or IP address

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Hello EveryBody ,

1-As we know Adwords can block card numbers Or someone's IP address. How can we understand our Info were blocked in google?

And another Q :

2- If a card number(and it's Address) or IP address get blocked in google , can we register a new account with them or not? becuase i think If they are block, google never let the user to sing up and start time, Not after reviewing account.




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Re: Blocking card number Or IP address

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Hi Rastak,


First, I've never experienced a credit card or IP block and cannot confirm that this is a real scenario but for discussion sake, lets agree that it is possible...unless you are referring to account suspension.  If the latter is true, logging into the account should make things quite clear if you are suspended or not (an email should have also confirmed this).  Also, a quick call to support would also verify your AdWords account standing. 


I think you need to take a step back and understand why you would be 'blocked/suspended'.  Google, as far as my understanding goes,  would not just block or suspend folks for fun, there would be a certain reason for such an action, probably some sort of severe policy violation(s).


As we definitely do know, once your whole account is suspended, there is no way to start a new account or get re-established with Google's services.  They've basically told you that they are done doing business with you.


Not sure what else to say here...if you're looking for a workaround to sneak your way back into using a service that has previously suspended you, I do not think this is the place to seek those type of tactics.


That is why it's so very important to understand and abide by all policies set forth by Google from the moment you start advertising.


If I have misunderstood your question or you can elaborate a bit, I can try to adjust my advise here...


Good Luck!



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