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Best practice, image heavy landing page for promotions

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Adwords quality score algorithm looks heavily toward the textual content of the ad's landing page to evaluate relevance, but in a case where the adwords "textual ad" promotes a discount or promotion and the destination url  that supports the promotion/discount is a dedicated "promotions/discounts" page that does so through graphic images and not textual content, What is the best course of action to prevent quality score impacts other than converting a to textual content?

Re: Best practice, image heavy landing page for promotions

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Yes, the bots do read text and don't read images, but if the text offers a poor user experience and the image offers a good user experience, the image will lead to higher page quality even though the bots can't recognize it. Google says they use a combination of automated systems and HUMAN EVALUATION to determine landing page experience on your site, so it's not only about bots.

The user experience with your landing page is what matters more. You have to focus more on the elements in your landing page that matter for users, don't obsess over the bots.

Landing page does affect your quality score and hence your Ad Rank, but landing page is not the significant factor in calculating quality score. CTR on the other hand is the predominant factor in determining quality score, you have to focus more on it.

Keywords stuffing has no longer any effect when it comes to the organic or the paid results, on the contrast it can lead negative user experience. Google doesn't take into consideration the keywords density on a page. You don't have to include all of your ad group's keywords in the landing page , just some main keywords can convey the message to Google that your landing page match the theme of the ad group.

Yes, keep testing different lading pages with different headlines, titles, colors, buttons..etc but the bottom line is " Focus on the user and all else will follow".