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Are reach local google endorsed

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is this company legit they claim to be endorsed by google and say they want to access my adwords account to help me with my marketing..


please help bit new to this

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Re: Are reach local google endorsed

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Hi there;

Have you  looked at the Adwords partners list?

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Re: Are reach local google endorsed

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Re: Are reach local google endorsed

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What they're doing is trying to get you to hire them to manage your account for you. 


Regardless of whether or not a company is listed in Partner Search, you should research and hire an AdWords agency the same way you'd hire any vendor to work with your company. Check references, make sure you understand the precise services they're offering, and that you feel those services are a good fit for your business. Make sure the costs are clear, and make sure you have transparency--that you are allowed to see what work they're doing. Arrange for regular reporting and feedback. For AdWords, make certain they're clear about how much is being spent directly on ad clicks and how much they will be charging for management fees.


In this case, if you already own your own AdWords account, I would caution you not to give up that ownership. (A business owner should always "own" their own account.)  A management agency should need no more than "User interface and API" access to handle an account. You should retain your own Administrative login as confidential information.


There's some good advice from Google here and you should read it before you move ahead.

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Re: Are reach local google endorsed

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Reach local are charging appoximatly 60% commission without telling their clients. The are trying to stop me disclosing this fact through the court system. Why? Are they not telling their client how to check? I am this is how. 10-20% is the most you should be paying.


"Are you paying Reach Local a commission of 60% ?  Most of their clients are and don't know it !


To check how little of your current PPC marketing budget is actually being spent on advertising costs by Reach Local. 

    - You need to log-in to your Reach Local account, press REPORTS then proceed and press ADDITIONAL REPORTS on the left hand side which will show you a drop down menu. 

    - Select DISTRIBUTION DETAILS and then click EDIT FILTERS on the right hand side of the page for you to refine the report by Campaign, Month and Year. 

    - Click UPDATE REPORT and you will be routed to a page that will show the actual advertising expenses.  

I have provided as attachment the step-by-step process of how to do this. Please refer to attachment: Accessing your Reach Local Media Spend.PDF

Google requires all resellers to make this detail available in order to help prevent the deceptive practice of secretly pocketing a percentage of the marketing budget in addition to management fees without disclosing this charge.

Most likely your Google advertising costs will be 50% of what you believed you were getting in marketing. In other words you are most likely paying 60% of your entire marketing budget or more to Reach Local when other provides charge 10% for the same service. This makes it very difficult to compete, especially when your competitors are getting the same exposure for 50% of what it is costing you.

Google charges the same for everyone and does not pay any commissions worldwide.


 Pass this detail on to any reach local clent you come across.

Happy hunting.

Re: Are reach local google endorsed

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I don't see the PDF?

Re: Are reach local google endorsed

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Did you use to work at ReachLocal?

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Re: Are reach local google endorsed

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The PDF just has images of the screen shots you should see if you follow the process.

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