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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Approved (limited) status

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My video ad was given the "Approved (limited)" status.  Based on the guidelines provided,"you might see this status if you promote products that can't be advertised in certain places or situations, like gambling, alcohol, or prescription drugs." I do not believe my video violates any of that. Does anyone see anything wrong with my video? Will the "limited" status eventually be released from my campaign? Does anyone know in which situations that my ad WILL air?


Thanks in advance for any clarity on my situation.

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February 2017

Approved (limited) status

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the list is only a very limited set of common examples -- and is not in
any way the full list of issues that may trigger approved-limited status.

with respect to the specific posted video, at least two other possibilities include:
- trademark/copyright: there seems to be a movie-poster in the background;
- adult/mature: the first discussion seems to about men's urination habits
and the overall tone of the video seems to be a bit family-unfriendly.

enable the policy-details column, under the ads-tab, to see
the details associated with the approved-limited status --
or contact google directly for more details and guidance.



Approved (limited) status

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Is the music copyrighted material?  Is the M on the sweatshirt trademarked?  There are two items that may be a problem. Then you have a Marshall Amp in one shot too. Not exactly sure however.